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Finally my rant on the movie Batman Begins

THIS MOVIE SUCKED!!!! i'm so glad a friend paid for my ticket cause it was a waste of money!!!! first of all the batman isn't even hot part of watching a movie is for the eye candie this guy is ugly :blah: :blah: :blah: !! second of all the voice change one minute he's all like *high pitch* what's with this man running around saying that he's a bat man. then the next second he comes out of a dark alley and goes *in his deep manlyer than man voice* I'm batman here to kick your butt!
What the crap then you got stupid katie holmes on there oh man! if you thought her voice was annoying on dawson's creek listening to it on the big screen will make your ear drums bleed. then there's the amount of people that know's he's batman first of all only ONE!! person is suppose to know he's batman NOT THREE!!! they totally messed up how bruce was originally suppose to find the bat cave it was suppose to be AFTER not BEFORE his parents died. Then there's the Chunky a** batmobile whatever happened to the sleek sexy this pimp out ride is going to get every chick that lays eye's on it ride instead they bring in the semi monster truck ride that's got i'm going to rape you if you don't let me save you written all over it! and i thought Batman and Alfred made all of the "Bat" suits and weapons what the crap their getting it from china! and i thought that he already knew how to fight i mean you see your parents get shot in front of you, you'd think to get self Defense classes but NO i'm going to wait in my late 20's to learn and on top of mountain by a bad guy! WTF!!! :oops: well i'm done with my batman rant
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July 8 2005, 04:05:05 UTC 11 years ago

wow, ur a toolbag
dude, the purpose of anti batman is to complain about/make fun of, not defend, batman.
OMMFG WHAT THE HOLY FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE batman is the greatest super hero ever created let me guess you all are superman fans yeah thats really fair NOTHING CAN HURT HIS ASS atleast batmans a goddamn man he can be hurt he's just mortal he's just a FUCKING GENIUS i mean fuckin seriuosly SHIT who takes time out of there goddamn day to just make a i hate batman site shit fuckin go take all that wasted energy and FUCKIN FUCK YOURSELFS IN THE ASS YOU DUMB FUCKIN PIECES OF SHIT
Why are you working yourself up about comic "hero" he's not even real!!! get a life! Why yes your right i am a superman fan and he can get hurt genius :-) but who takes time out of their day to go to a site deticated to people who DON'T like batman type up a paragraph full of cuss words just to make yourself feel warm at night thinking ha! that'll teach them! stupid bleeping batman haters their such bleepers batman bleeping rocks you bleeper! *rolls eyes* Dude BATMAN SUCKS AND YOU SUCK!! and i hope now you know it!
because its batman you dumb fuck i fuckin grew up on batman i was born and raised a batman fan and oh who called it you gay ass superman fan yeah he can get hurt with a rock from a fuckin foreign planet that blew up shit i mean hell if that was my weakness i'd call myself superman too i mean goddamn dude really HOW IN THE FUCK IS THAT FAIR!? and i mean lets not even get started on cooler villians seriously i mean the joker the clown prince of crime fucking crazy as hell against lex luthor the bald guy... and i mean is your hole defense really that i cuss alot yeah i cuss a fuckin shit load that dont mean im any less intelligent then you you gay bitch and i hate to say it but its a well known fact BATMAN FANS GET MORE PUSSY YOU GAY BITCH
When you overly cuss it does make you seem less intelligent. Your calling me names because i expressed my dislike ON A ANTI-BATMAN COMMUNITY!! *Now that's some crazy irony* Plus i usually don't judge icon's but yours makes you seem like a horny 13 yr. old in between his sessions. What about batman's other villains a fat man who thinks he's a penguin??? A woman who likes to lick herself thinking she's a cat???? A woman who thinks she's a weed *poison ivy*??? And a man who's an ice cube *mr. freeze*??? Batman is a FREAKING BILLIONAIRE who can buy whatever new awesome gadget comes on the market or he can make the latest gadget in his corporation and superman is a small town person with a real person's pay and he still saves the world his mom made his stinking costume how much real can you get this is not even my WHOLE *just thought i'd let you know how you really should spell that word* defense and if you grew up on batman what's the point of you coming on a batman hating community thinking that if you say enough cuss words that it's going to make people change their minds that's retarded and plus the "rocks" do you know how many freaking of those "rocks" are on earth seriously and i'm a girl that likes boys and loves Jesus *meaning that i'm waiting to get married*, so how much pussy batman fans get doesn't really matter to me.
yeah because i was utterly shocked that there was really an anti-batman community i mean he's just so cool and yeah boo-hoo supermans got an average joe's pay HE DOESNT HAVE TO EAT so it really doesn't matter and yeah batmans a billionare but do you really think him having both his parents killed was worth the money you think he wouldn't trade the money for one day with his parents seriuosly and yeah i just have this icon cause i thought it was funny i just changed it off of an army of darkness one and before that i had twiztid so ha... and yeah that just sounds like a lame exscuss cause you can't get any ; )
dude seriously as i stated above I DON'T WANT ANY!!!! X__X
yeah sure nice exscuss... batmans still the fuckin shit anyway
I have some minor complaints about your rant and will address them thusly

The Voice change

Changing the voice when he gets into costume makes sense (although why he sounds like he has been chain smoking for thirty years is beyond me)because it would be pretty easy to link Bruce Wayne to Batman. He actaully does this in the comic book as well, you just can't hear it because it is written, but it has come up once or twice.

the People Who Know him

Alfred and Fox have always known, even in the comic, as for telling Katie Holmes, that is Hollywood thinking they need to be a dumbass to draw in the croweds, it happens in almost every single super hero movie.

The Fight
How it was in the movie was how it happened in the book (at least time wise, I never remembered anything about Ra's training him.)

Other than some exclamation points and some astrics, you have no punctuation. I don't pretend to be a master of the english language, but you points would be better proven if you threw in a period or two, maybe a comma to live things up.

The Nightmare
You never addressed the fact that Bruce was never afraid of the bats, when he had nightamres they about his parents death, not bats. they also screwed up how he gets the bat idea, he is supposed to go all vigilainty sans costume first and get his ass kicked, then, back at home, a bat crashes through his window and he gets the idea for scaring the shit out of criminails.

That being said I thought the movie was much better than the Batman movies before it (come on, Goerge Clooney had Nipples on his batsuit.)
Punctuation-i have some periods and comma's in there re-read.
The Nightmare- i agree i forgot all about the stinking bats when i wrote this rant i realized this the other day it was another reason i was upset
thank you sir 1. nice icon 2. george clooney was a gay batman lol 3. your atleast intelligent about your defense i mean seriously these superman lovin hippie bastards are just stupid about shit
I love Batman, I do, but just because someone likes Supes better doesn't make them hippie bastards.
true but i just think its really lame when people like superman plus they hate batman dude they can't be good people
i'm a good person here's my thing with batman i liked all of the other batman movies and i like the old tv show/cartoon but this movie sucked plain and simple
Wait. How could you like the other Batman movies but hate Begins? I feel like I have stubled into Bizzaro land, oh, wait, not, just an anti-batman forum. The other movies were just to over-the-top and they always casted Batman wrong (cept Keaton, he was a badass) and Joel Schuamacher fucked with the characters WAY to much.
whoever made the info of this community spelled 'suit' wrong. ahahahahaha.

anyway, i love batman. but i do agree that batman begins was a horrible, horrible movie that had nothing to do with the real batman. but batman himself, is fantastically wonderful and i do not understand how anyone could hate his fantastic wonderfulness. this is all.
shut the fuck up batman lovers. you cannot change our opinions. just stop reading this community if you have a problem with it. that is all.
Oh like you have never been tempted to go into a pro-Batman forum and give em shit.