gripkid (gripkid) wrote in anti_batman,

Finally my rant on the movie Batman Begins

THIS MOVIE SUCKED!!!! i'm so glad a friend paid for my ticket cause it was a waste of money!!!! first of all the batman isn't even hot part of watching a movie is for the eye candie this guy is ugly :blah: :blah: :blah: !! second of all the voice change one minute he's all like *high pitch* what's with this man running around saying that he's a bat man. then the next second he comes out of a dark alley and goes *in his deep manlyer than man voice* I'm batman here to kick your butt!
What the crap then you got stupid katie holmes on there oh man! if you thought her voice was annoying on dawson's creek listening to it on the big screen will make your ear drums bleed. then there's the amount of people that know's he's batman first of all only ONE!! person is suppose to know he's batman NOT THREE!!! they totally messed up how bruce was originally suppose to find the bat cave it was suppose to be AFTER not BEFORE his parents died. Then there's the Chunky a** batmobile whatever happened to the sleek sexy this pimp out ride is going to get every chick that lays eye's on it ride instead they bring in the semi monster truck ride that's got i'm going to rape you if you don't let me save you written all over it! and i thought Batman and Alfred made all of the "Bat" suits and weapons what the crap their getting it from china! and i thought that he already knew how to fight i mean you see your parents get shot in front of you, you'd think to get self Defense classes but NO i'm going to wait in my late 20's to learn and on top of mountain by a bad guy! WTF!!! :oops: well i'm done with my batman rant
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